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Special Issue "Various Applications of Methods and Elements of Adaptive Optics", ISSN 2304-6732, Impact Factor 2.140, CiteScore 3.5

Our company was organised back in 1999 and originally was called Night N Ltd. But later (in 2003) due to the increase of our activity we decided to split Night N Ltd. into several branches and thus Night N (opt) that means OPTICAL - was created. We also have several sattelite companies - Active Optics Ltd., DIOPS Ltd., Adaptive Optics Institute Ltd. These sub-companies were founded to focus the research on different topics like holography, quantum communication, wavefront sensing, etc. Also we have a laboratory in the Institute of Geospheres Dynamics RAS.

Most of our team graduated from various Universities and Institutes of Moscow and Moscow country side. Originally everything was born in Moscow Lomonosov State University - the main University of Russian Federation. Now the total amount of involved people is more than 50 persons (including one Professor, Dr. of Science, five Ph.D., two post-graduate students and one graduate student).

The key field of interest of our Company is the design of the complex adaptive optical systems to be used to control and shape high power laser beams (incl. Femto second ones), adaptive imaging systems, and also to build a specific adaptive laser interferometers. We are also interested in the application of our technique for the astronomical and medical purposes. And of course the basement for the development of our Adaptive Systems are active mirrors, in particular, multi element bimorph correctors with electronic control blocks. We designed the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and M-square sensor for analysis of wavefronts as well as adaptive aberrometers for human eye.

Our group was the locomotive for the organisation of the first International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine that was held in June 1997 in Shatura, Russia. The second Workshop took place in July 1999 in Durham, UK. The third one was held in July 2001 in Albuquerque, USA, the fourth - in Muenster (Germany) in Oct. 2003, the fifth - in Beijing (China) in August-Sept. 2005, then we had one in Galway, Ireland, in June 2007, in Russia in June 2009, in Spain in June 2011, in South Africa in September 2013, in Italy in 2015, and the last was in Spain in March 2018.

We participating in the preparation of the annual SPIE Photonics West Conference on Laser Resonators and Beam Control that constantly takes place in January in San Francisco (moved from San Jose), California, USA in 2019 it was already the 20th Conference, and also SPIE annual Meeting Conference on Beam Shaping (every summer, somewhere in the USA).

We have the huge contacts with the scientists not only in Russian Federation but mainly outside our country (please, visit our site Collaboration).

In 2004 at last we got our separate building in Shatura, Moscow region with optical, mechanical, electronics and laser workshop. We occupy our building together with our strategic partner - Russian company Technolaser Ltd.


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