The aberrometer for measurements of the human eye aberrations

Measurements of the aberrations with our aberrometer

The aberrometer is necessary for high accuracy measurements of the aberrations of the human eye. It consists of optoelectronical hardware and software, which performs fast and effective diagnostics of high and low order aberrations.

Our aberrometer measures: high order aberrations with the help of the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, produced in our laboratory, and low-order aberrations using special nodes for compensation of defocus and astigmatism. The software provides the Zernike polynomials expansion (up to 36 order), and visualization of other characteristics of the wavefront, such as RMS, P-V and interferogram.

Dioptric range of measurements:  
    defocus from +10 to -15 Diopters
    astigmatism +/-6 Diopters
    higher-order +/-2 Diopters
Accuracy 0.1 Diopters
Time of measurements 30 msec
Wavelength 780 +/- 5 nm
Pupil diameter up to 8 mm
Power incident on the eye 30 µW
Frequency of correction up to 12 Hz
Power source 100-120&200-240 V; 50/60Hz
Hardware requirements (not less than) PIII-700 /128 MB RAM/ SVGA/USB/PCI slots
OS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Size 450x500x450mm
Adaptive mirror 18 actuators, 40 mm aperture

Aberrometer photo
Aberrometer photo

Beneficial options of our aberrometer

Beneficial option of our aberrometer is correction of the human eye aberrations by the adaptive mirror.

Obtained results

user interface 1 user interface 2 user interface 3
Aberrometer software

This figure illustrates the dynamics of Zernike coefficients and the amplitude of the wavefront aberrations of the human eye after adaptive correction by the adaptive mirror. In this case correction algorithm was turned on approximately after the 4-th second. As seen from the figure, adaptive correction considerably decreases the amplitude of the aberrations. Residual aberrations are mostly due to occasional movements of the eye during the procedure.

correction correction correction correction
The animation shows the dynamics of the wavefront correction by the adaptive system.

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