Bimorph Mirrors to Order

Standard quartz, glass or silicon bimorph mirrors:

  • Diameter of aperture of the mirror 10-500 mm
  • Stroke - up to 40 μm
  • Number of control electrodes - 1-128
  • Frequency range - up to 5 KHz
  • Hysteresis - 12 %
  • Damage threshod - 20J/cm² for Glass, 3J/cm² for TiS
  • Reflecting coatings - protected Al, protected Ag, metal-dielectric coating, multilayer dielectric coating of reflectivity ρ≥99% for given wavelength (on customer demand)
  • Water - cooled bimorph mirrors:

  • Material - copper, silicon
  • Diameter of aperture of the mirror 20-100 mm
  • Stroke - up to 15 μm
  • Damage threshod - 10kW/cm² for CO2, 50kW/cm² for Glass
  • Number of control electrodes - up to 32
  • Frequency range - up to 4 KHz
  • Reflecting coatings: on customer demand
  • Each mirror is supplied with the electronic block of control unit, which is connected to a standard PC computer via USB port or ISA I/O card. The standard software is included.

    On the request, the active mirror could be complemented with the tip-tilt corrector or in the tip-tilt holder.

    Deformable Mirrors Control Unit for Deformable Mirror

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