M2-Sensor design

M²-Sensor allows to measure:

  • Beam Centroid location
  • Beam Widths
  • Divergence Angles
  • Beam Quality Factor M²
  • Elliptisity of the beam
  • Short-term and Long-term stability of the beam power
  • Gaussian and Flat-top fit to the intensity
  • The hardware includes:

  • Monochrome CCD camera on the moving stage
  • Focusing lens
  • Filters
  • PCI framegrabber
  • Specification:

    M2-Sensor Sorfware

    Estimated price of M²-Sensor for λ=400-1100 nm is € 7.000 (without automatic measuring setup) or € 13.000 (fully automatic version).

    For additional information please contact kud[@]activeoptics.ru.

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