Tiny Bimorph Mirrors

There are two ideas of making small deformable mirrors: first is use of several piezodiscs, and second - to place high-density grid of control electrodes on rather small square of piezoceramics, so to make small electrodes.
  • Diameter of the mirror aperture - from 12 mm
  • Applied Voltage - from 0V to +300V
  • Stroke - up to 10 μm
  • Number of control electrodes - 18
  • Frequency range - 5 KHz
  • Hysteresis - 12 %
  • Damage threshod - for λ=0.8μm - 3J/cm², for λ=1.06μm - 20J/cm²
  • Each mirror is supplied with the electronic block of control unit, which is connected to a standard PC computer via USB port. The standard software is included.

    Tiny deformable mirror and Control unit Multimorph deformable mirror without mounting. Front and back view. Bimorph deformable mirror with 63 small electrodes. Back view of the substrate.

    For additional information please contact kud[@]activeoptics.ru.

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